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About the Birb

My fursona, Cass - an anthropomorphic magpie/deer hybrid.

oh?? me?? aaaajkhbdf gosh, uhhh, lemme think a moment.

I like programming. web development, mostly, though I do dabble around every now and then! I'm also a bit of an artist, wherein artist means "I stumbled upon deviantArt when I was a kid and now I can't stop drawing Scourge Warrior Cats™ with a fringe and dyed hair".

speaking of late 2000's deviantArt, I am the worst. I love trashy emo music, have an affinity for all things edgy and overly dramatic, and have the BIGGEST soft spot for the book series "Warriors" and "Guardians of Ga'Hoole". ^v^ I am stuck in the "drawing funny battle cats on the internet" fandom forever. don't save me, I'm having fun.

I also have a sona! his name is Cass (previously Ash, then Sleepy, because I suck at names), and he's a beer - a bird-deer hybrid! (shut up, it totally is funny) he, specifically, is part-magpie, part-unspecified-deer lmao

oh, and for a bonus round: I'm y.o., gay (what a surprise), male, and live in Poland. :>

that's uh. that's all, I think.

Gay stamp Furry Trash stamp OwO stamp 'I like teeth' stamp Analog stamp TV Colorbars stamp Forest stamp Emo stamp Guardians of Ga'Hoole stamp Broken Image stamp Cloudstar stamp